About Dumela Clothing Co.


Dumela Clothing Co. uses only fabrics locally made in Africa. The clothing is designed and ethically manufactured in Cape Town, providing skills training and promotion in the work place.

With your purchase of our Basotho blanket coat or hooded jacket, we provide the gift of a blanket to a child in need. Read more about Nehmiah Safe House here.


The story goes that in 1860 the King of Lesotho was given a blanket as a gift, and he abandoned his traditional leopard-skin kaross in favour of the blanket. The Basotho people followed their leader, and to this day the blanket is an integral part of their lives. The designs have specific meanings; for example the corn cob symbolises fertility and prosperity.

Our Basotho blanket coat is designed to feel like you are cosily wrapped in a blanket. The blanket is individually cut and manufactured into our uniquely designed coats and jackets, crafted by a team of skilled women in Woodstock, Cape Town, for Dumela Clothing Co.

* * * PLEASE NOTE: The master weavers of the Basotho blankets release  specially chosen designs in each colour way. Your quality garment will be in the exact colour, size and shape of your choice – the textile design of your garment could change according to the limited manufacture of these unique and beautiful blankets.